Welcome to Social Science at Hinchingbrooke!

About Social Science

Social Science is the largest department in Sixth Form lead by experts in their fields. With a total of 5 subjects (Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Criminology and Health and Social Care), our aim is to equip students with curiosity into society and human behaviour whilst developing critical thinking, verbal reasoning, written communication and a deeper understanding and knowledge in a variety of areas from political understanding to providing person centred care.

General information:

All courses cover a 2-year timeframe.

For more information on each course and suggested Year 11 transition work, please see the subject page.

Each course requires an entry grade of 5 in English to be accepted onto the course. This is because these subjects assess students on their ability to write extended answers for up to 2 hours per exam and/or in coursework units.

Psychology also recognises the importance of a 5 in Maths and one Science, preferably Biology. This is because 25% of the course involves mathematics and there is a large emphasis around the anatomical features of the body, including the brain.