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Maths Little Genius is a simple app that develops a user's confidence with topics commonly regarded as areas of weakness across an age range of 8-16+. Depending on ability and regularity of practice, Maths Little Genius can help students to cope with more complex Mathematics in the future by addressing what I consider to be the core skills now. See below for what areas Maths Little Genius can aid users with. By age of 11, most students will have achieved level 4.

Can I use a calculator? Although this is a mental/written arithmetic app, I also feel strongly you should get to know the features of your calculator. Feel free to use it, just don't become dependent on it.

25 + 14
19 - 12
3 x 4
32 / 4
+, -, x, ÷
Being able to add and subtract 2 integers (TU +/- TU) is a level 3 skill. Knowledge of times tables and division facts is a level 4 skill. Being able to recall the squares and cubes of numbers is a level 6 skill.
2 + - 12
-8 - -11
9 x -8
-42 / -7
Being able to add, subtract, multiply or divide directed numbers (negative numbers) is a level 5 skill.
9.9 + 2.5
8.3 - 1.7
4.3 x 6.8
2.1 / 7
Being able to add or subtract decimals is a level 5 skill. Being able to multiply decimals is a level 6 skill. Being able to divide decimals is a level 7 skill.
Being able to add, subtract or multiply simple fractions is a level 5 skill. Being able to add or subtract fractions with different denominators is a level 6 skill. Operating with mixed numbers is a level 7 skill.

Find 30% of 100

Decrease 140 by 15%

Being able to find a percentage of a quantity is a level 5 skill. Being able to increase or decrease a quantity by a percentage is a level 6 skill.
I buy 2 items at £3.58 and £1.61. What is the total?
Convert 4cm in mm. Remember 1cm = 10mm
Convert 10l into pt. Remember 1l = 1.75pt
Being able to add or subtract decimals to 2 decimal places with regards to money is a level 5 skill. Understanding common metric and imperial equivalents is a level 5 skill.




The app now incorporates a range of online and offline games that will help to develop competition and enthusiasm for wanting to practise more. Please take a look at the images below to get an idea:




Although the device has been tested on both specific tablet and phone devices, your device may react differently. The only issue that has arisen for some devices is on the initial log in screen. You might be able to type your username in easily, but will then have trouble typing your password in. To get around this, please turn your device from portrait to landscape. This may help as the text box becomes larger. Once you have logged in, you can return to portrait again.


I have been teaching in the UK for over 6 years. In this time I have been an Acting Subject Leader of Mathematics and am now an Advanced Skills Teacher. I am currently working in a successful secondary school and thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion of Mathematics. Throughout my career my students have always done incredibly well. Part of their academic success is down to practicing the basic skills in Maths. By addressing issues of mental or written arithmetic earlier on, it opens doors to a wider range of topics to develop a broader understanding of the subject in the future. Little Genius is a simple app that I have designed in my spare time to help build self confidence and assessment with some of the basic skills in Maths.

I hope you enjoy it!!

Mr W