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Welcome to the Media Studies Home Page.  If you are thinking of taking the subject at A-Level, scroll down for an introduction to the subject, a taster lesson and the exam board specification in brief and in full.  Keep scrolling to find your way to materials that will build on classroom learning for all the key units.

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Year 11 Transition pack

Why I Love Media Studies

Taster Lesson for Media Studies

Taster Lesson for Media Studies

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Contact the department

The full exam board A-Level Specification can be found here:

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The OCR A Level Media Studies Specification

Media Studies Learning Materials

The Key Media Theorists

The Key Media Theorists 1. Representation

The Key Media Theorists 2. Language

The Key Media Theorists 3. Audience

The Key Media Theorists 4. Industries

The Key Units

Paper 1: Media Messages

News and Online Media

Music Videos

Advertising and Marketing


Paper 2: Evolving Media

Long Form Television Drama


Video Games


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Past Papers and Practice Questions for paper 1
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Past Papers and Practice Questions for paper 2

The None Examined Assessment (NEA)

(Content for the NEA TBC)