Sociology recognises the importance of a 5 in English and a strong interest in current affairs to enable students to make contemporary links within their extend essays.

You will have 9 one-hour lessons across a fortnight with two specialist teachers. We advise that you allocate at least one hour of Private Study to Sociology and engage in at least five hours of independent learning for Sociology each week.

Specification link:

Topics include:

  • Education
  • Methods in Context
  • Theory and Methods
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Work, Poverty and Welfare
  • Beliefs in Society

Suggested textbooks:

  • Sociology for AQA. Vol 1. (ISBN: 978-0745691305)
  • Sociology for AQA. Vol 2. (ISBN: 978-0745696942)

To prepare you for Year 12 Sociology you may wish to:

  • Start to take an interest in current affairs in the news as this will help you make contemporary links and apply abstract concepts to real-world examples, after all, sociology is the study of society. The department Twitter account is a good place to start (@HBKSocSci).
  • Research into the main perspectives of Sociology and aim to understand their different views towards society and how these may explain areas such as Education, Poverty and Crime – Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Post-Modernism and Interactionism.

Year 11 transition work:

  • Summer preparation for Year 12 Sociology