A-level Sociology

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Topics include:

  • Education
  • Methods in Context
  • Theory and Methods
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Work, Poverty and Welfare
  • Beliefs in Society

Suggested textbooks:

  • Sociology for AQA. Vol 1. (ISBN: 978-0745691305)
  • Sociology for AQA. Vol 2. (ISBN: 978-0745696942)

To prepare you for Year 12 Sociology you may wish to:

  • Start to take an interest in current affairs in the news as this will help you make contemporary links and apply abstract concepts to real-world examples, after all, sociology is the study of society. The department Twitter account is a good place to start (@HBKSocSci).
  • Research into the main perspectives of Sociology and aim to understand their different views towards society and how these may explain areas such as Education, Poverty and Crime – Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Post-Modernism and Interactionism.
  • Read ‘Introducing Sociology: A Graphic Guide’ (ISBN: 978-1785780738) for a basic insight into Sociology.