Specification link: www.tinyurl.com/EdexcelPolitics

Topics include:

  • Component 1 – UK Politics and Core Political Ideas.
  • Component 2 – UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas
  • Component 3 – Comparative Politics

Suggested textbooks:

  • Edexcel GCE Politics (ISBN: 978-1292187020)

To prepare you for Year 12 Politics you may wish to:

  • Start to be aware of the current members of parliament, their roles and responsibilities and any major decision they have made.
  • Read into the different political parties and gain an understanding of their opinions and political stances.
  • Keep up to date with contemporary news and current affairs. A good place to start is the department Twitter (@HBKSocSci)
  • Watch BBC Parliament to raise awareness of political analysis of UK and EU reports.