Politics recognises the importance of a 5 in English and a strong interest in current affairs and politics across the UK and USA to enable students to make contemporary and comparative links within their extend essays.

You will have 9 one-hour lessons across a fortnight with two specialist teachers. We advise that you allocate at least one hour of Private Study to Politics and engage in at least five hours of independent learning for Politics each week.

Specification link: www.tinyurl.com/EdexcelPolitics

Topics include:

  • Component 1 – UK Politics and Core Political Ideas.
  • Component 2 – UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas
  • Component 3 – Comparative Politics

Suggested textbooks:

  • Edexcel GCE Politics (ISBN: 978-1292187020)

To prepare you for Year 12 Politics you may wish to:

  • Start to be aware of the current members of parliament, their roles and responsibilities and any major decision they have made.
  • Read into the different political parties and gain an understanding of their opinions and political stances.
  • Keep up to date with contemporary news and current affairs. A good place to start is the department Twitter (@HBKSocSci)
  • Watch BBC Parliament to raise awareness of political analysis of UK and EU reports.