Criminology recognises the importance of a 5 in English and a strong interest in current affairs and the legal system to enable students to make contemporary links within their coursework and understanding of the causes, prevention and consequences of crime.

You will have 9 one-hour lessons across a fortnight with two specialist teachers. We advise that you allocate at least one hour of Private Study to Criminology and engage in at least five hours of independent learning for Criminology each week.

Specification link:

Topics include:

  • Changing Awareness of Crime
  • Criminological Theories
  • Crime Scene to Courtroom
  • Crime and Punishment

Suggested textbooks:

  • WJEC Level 3 Criminology (ISBN: 978-1911208433)

To prepare you for Year 12 Criminology you may wish to:

  • Attend and watch a court hearing from the Public Gallery. The type of hearing will depend on the type of court you visit but this first-hand experience will be useful in supporting your understanding of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Start watching documentaries surround the topic of crime and punishment. BBC 3 tend to show a lot of credible documentaries of this nature.
  • Read the news to gain an understanding of current affairs and the Criminal Justice System. A good place to start is the department Twitter account (@HBKSocSci).

Year 11 transition work: