Specification link:

Topics include:

  • Changing Awareness of Crime
  • Criminological Theories
  • Crime Scene to Courtroom
  • Crime and Punishment

Suggested textbooks:

  • WJEC Level 3 Criminology (ISBN: 978-1911208433)

To prepare you for Year 12 Criminology you may wish to:

  • Attend and watch a court hearing from the Public Gallery. The type of hearing will depend on the type of court you visit but this first-hand experience will be useful in supporting your understanding of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Start watching documentaries surround the topic of crime and punishment. BBC 3 tend to show a lot of credible documentaries of this nature.
  • Read the news to gain an understanding of current affairs and the Criminal Justice System. A good place to start is the department Twitter account (@HBKSocSci).