Key Stage 3 Science

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Year 7 Science


There are 7 modules of study in year 7:

  1. Keeping Safe
  2. Drugs
  3. Energy
  4. Forces
  5. Interdependence
  6. Life and living processes
  7. Particles and materials


Science homework will be set weekly.  Generally, the teacher will set the homework booklet most relevant to the topic being studied at the time.  Science booklets will normally constitute two weeks worth of homework.  Other short homeworks may also be set, details of which should be recorded in the planner.

Science homework booklets for year 7 are:

Smoking harms your hearing

See-saw to light classroom

New wings for solar space station

Bacteria make tiny magnets

Planes slow down to cut costs

Natures Economy

Protecting the sea

Food additives link to behaviour

Vitamin D keeps you young

Does size matter

Dreamliner plan

Space Agency’s missing bath duck

Home or hospital


At the end of each topic there will be an end of topic test.  The following websites are useful to look at to help revise for tests or generally find out more: