Year 9 RE Homework

Below you will find tasks which you have been set for homework. Click on the links below to be taken to your teacher who will upload your homework tasks.


Matters of Life and Death – Autumn Term

Please find your homework listed below

The Letters

Religious Agony Aunt

For your homework click on the word documents on the left.

The first document is a recap of the two letters you will respond to. Don’t forget you are responding to 1 of these letters. However if you wish to reply to both please do so.

Your homework is to write a response as you might find in an agony aunt coloumn. You must include 3 responses – 2 of which are religious and one is your own personal opinon.

There you will find a recap of the information we looked at in the lesson about each religious group.

The Religious Views


Has religion helped us become equal – Autumn Term

Please find your homework listed below

How well did Gandhi deal with Inequality?

Using the ideas from the lesson and the video clips, write up your response to this question. You need to include:

  • A definition of inequality
  • An outline of the situation Gandhi found himself in
  • How Gandhi dealt with the situation
  • Whether you agree with Gandhi’s actions
  • Whether you think Gandhi dealt well with the situation or whether there were better processes he could have used.

Remember the homework should take 30-40 mins!


Using Gandhi’s Letter to Everyman (link left):

To what extent does this letter only have impact if the other side feels guilt? (In your response you should consider where guilt and your conscience comes from)


Jewish Experience and Identity – Spring Term

The Passover Meal


Using the resource sheet (found on the left!), match up the following terms in your book. So for example 1 matches with F.


1. Matzo bread

A. Sacrifice brought to the temple after Passover

2. Baked meat-bone

B. The sweat and tears of the slaves

3. Baked egg

C. Joy and happiness after escaping slavery

4. Lettuce dipped in salt

D. The bitter suffering of the slaves

5. Bitter herbs

E. Freedom from slavery

6. Charoset

F. No time for the bread to rise

7. Wine

G. The mortar used by the slaves

8. Leaning on cushions

H. The lost temple


Answer the following questions – remember to use your resource sheet!

The following 4 questions are asked by the youngest child at the meal.

Why do we eat only matzoh on Pesach?

Why do we eat bitter herbs, maror, at our Seder?

Why do we dip our foods twice tonight?

Why do we lean on a pillow tonight?

  1. A. Answer these 4 questions in your book.
  2. B. How does the youngest child asking these questions, support a development of Jewish identity?
  3. C. Is the identity that the children learn about a positive or negative one?
  4. What does the meal teach about Jewish beliefs?
    1. You want to talk about Yahweh and the relationship with the Hebrew people.
  5. What does the meal teach about Jewish identity?
    1. You want to talk about whether the identity created in the meal is positive or negative. You need to think about what the meal is trying to protect of the Jewish identity – why is it encouraging  Jews to keep the faith?
  6. Why is the Seder meal aimed at children?
    1. You want to talk about how the Seder meal encourages an understadning of Jewish identity and why it is important to teach the children this idea.


Arranged Marriages – Summer Term

Please find your homework listed below

Should arranged marriages be discouraged?

Please have a look at the links on the left and then write up a response to the question above. Make sure you look at both sides of the argument!!

The links on the left give you pros and cons! Go into more detail and try to establish which are the key factors. Don’t forget to specifically ANSWER THE QUESTION!!


Where did we go wrong? – Summer Term

Is Mr. Winter right to be angry?

Please find your homework listed below

The Exhibits Mr. Winter uses in his arguments

Your homework is to answer the question ‘Is Mr. Winter right to be angry?’

What was Mr. Winter angry about?

‘I can’t see God so he doesn’t exist’

Why does this make Mr. Winter angry?

1. 1.I think the statement is arrogant. It doesn’t take into account any definitions of God but solely focuses on what the human can and can’t do.

2. The statement assumes human knowledge is always correct. The statement suggests if I see something it exists exactly how I see it. So if it is not visible it therefore doesn’t exist!

3.The statement assumes that simply because I cannot use my senses to check something exists it therefore cannot exist

How do the exhibits link to the responses?

For response 1 look at Exhibit A

For response 2 look at Exhibit B & C

For response 3 look at Exhibit D & E

What do I need to do in my homework?

Does Mr. Winter has enough evidence to support his claim?

Is Mr. Winter’s logic ok?

In order to do that – use the exhibits on the left as evidence and use the writing frame on the left to help you structure your answers.

What do I do if I want a real challenge?

If you want to have a real challenge you should look to include Exhibits F & G in your homework!


If you are really stuck there is an example answer on the the left as well…

The Write up of our ideas in class

A suggested writing frame

An example answer…