Year 9 RE

After 2 years working on the key principles in RE you will now hopefully be used to describing different religious ideas and explaining them. You will have considered how we can compare and contrast different ideas and in Year 9 you will be evaluating these ideas – do they make sense? What can we conclude from the evidence? Can we come to one definite conclusion or are there many answers which have to be discussed?

How do we decide in matters of life and death?

Every day people face decisions about life and death. How are we supposed to work out who has a right to life or who has a right to die? You will have to consider how the different religions help people come to a decision. More importantly it will give you the tools and information to come to your decision.

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How has religion helped inspire social change in the 20th century?

Despite the events of 2 World Wars, several leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr. and Mother Teresa have inspired millions to love and care for their fellow man. You will need to assess how and why religion helped them to do that. You will also need to consider whether there are still lessons we can learn for the 21st century!

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How can Buddhism help in the 21st century?

Buddhism is an ancient religion which has a very different philosophy to what we might be used to. In this module you will get the chance to learn about this philosophy and put this philosophy into practice through different activities. You will be able to consider whether in the fast paced world we live in Buddhism might have something to teach us!

Homework Tasks  Teacher assessment carried out throughout term

Has the Jewish identity survived?

The Holocaust is viewed as one of the biggest events of the 20th century. However, Jewish identity stretches far back than just this event. Over the course you will look at how groups have defined a Jewish identity. You will look at the entire range of Jewish history from the setting up of the covenant with Abraham right through to modern day Judaism. Your task will be to creatively assess whether that identity has survived throughout the 4000 year history.

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Are rites of passage still religious?

This topic gives you the opportunity to contrast the two most important stages in people’s lives. The union with a loved one through marriage and the lasting separation brought about by death. You will get the chance to question how different religions can help believers with these stages. You will get the chance to discuss your own opinions on each of these events which you will have to consider later in life (if you have not already!)

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Where did we go wrong?

As we reach the end of Key Stage 3 we want to check you are secure in your knowledge and able to understand some of the common misconceptions which some students make at GCSE level. This module cements your different skills for criticising and evaluating arguments. You will look at a range of arguments from across the religions and from philosophy. A critical mind is essential!

Homework Tasks  Teacher assessment carried out throughout term