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Year 8 – Prophecy Assessment

This page contains all the information you need to carry out your assessment on ‘Prophecy’.

Click on the document logos to download your assessment information. Read through all the information before you start writing. This will help you as it will explain to you what you need to write about, how to set out your assessment and tips on good writing style!

Good luck with your assessment. If you feel you need help come and see your RE teacher or email them. You can find contact details on the RE homepage.

Your assessment questions

This is the question sheet. Read this carefully


Read through these points and tick them off when you have written about them in your assessment.

How do write an assessment

This gives you some guidance on how to set out an assessment, what you need to include and how to write it.

(This is being updated – apologies for inconvenience caused)

How will my assessment be marked?

This explains how your assessment will be marked. It explains what you need to do to get the higher levels.

Examples of students’ work

This has examples of students’ work which will give you an idea of what needs to be done for the different levels.

(This is being updated – apologies for inconvenience caused)

What are the ‘Levels’?

This provides you with an explanation of each of the levels. Well worth a read if you want to go up a level.

Who might be examples of modern day prophets?

Because of snow days and students missing lessons, some of you may have missed all the information on modern day prophets. Have a look at this hand out for ideas about modern prophets.