Year 8 RE Homework

Below you will find tasks which you have been set for homework. Click on the links below to be taken to your teacher who will upload your homework tasks.

How accurately are religious ideas expressed by the media and the arts? Homework – Who was Mary Magdalene?

Task A:

Make sure you have completed the following questions set in the lesson:

1. Using the Bible, what can we say for certain about Mary Magdalene? (i.e. What did she do? What was she like? What did she see? Who was she with?)

2. How well did Mary Magdalene know Jesus?

3. By looking at the Bible sources, can we suggest why Pope Gregory I came to conclude that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute?

If you need a copy of the sources, please click here!

Task B:

Answer the following 2 questions in your book. You need to go into detail on this! And don’t forget… ATQAnswer The Question!

1. How accurately has the Biblical character of Mary Magdalene been portrayed by the film ‘the Da Vinci Code’?

  • You will need to refer to the spider diagram you have drawn in the lesson to comment on this!

2. How accurately has religion been portrayed by the media and the arts?

  • In your answers I would expect you to refer to the following ideas – art, TV, Films (and books – don’t forget Da Vinci Code was a book before it was a film!)