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Year 8 RPE

Now you have grounding in the skills needed to describe religious practices and beliefs, you will start to explore in more detail the concepts and ideas behind religious beliefs. You will become comfortable at comparing and contrasting beliefs and begin to evaluate the central themes. Have a look below to see what you will be studying.  

Who started this world?

How and why are we here? This topic gives you a chance to think about where we have come from. You will look at the creation stories of different religions and debate whether Darwin was right or whether we need to look toward religion to find out more about why we are here?

How and why do people worship?

Every religion has a system of worship. This can vary from the sense of community created through the Islamic call to prayer on a Friday evening through to the individual meditation undergone by Buddhist monks. What is the purpose of these activities? You will study a range of religions and investigate what key themes apply to all the religions.

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To what extent do we still have prophets?

People ranging from Jonah in the Bible to Nostradamus have given prophecies to the world. Why have they done this and what sort of qualities does a prophet need? You will think about how the role of a prophet has changed from Biblical times right up to secular prophets in the modern day and age!

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Why has Sikhism become a major world religion?

Sikhism is the most recent of all the major world religions, only developing in the 15th century. What makes it different from the other world religions? Why did it develop? These are key ideas you will hopefully find answers to by looking at the artifacts of the religion.

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Can art and media help us understand religion better?

Religion is all around us in the media – whether in art, films or fiction. This topic gives us a chance to study films, books and the newspapers to work out whether they treat religion fairly or whether they take things out of context. You will need to work out what you think!

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What makes these people so special?

All religions have people who are fundamentally important to the religion. This ranges from people who founded the religion to people like Mother Teresa who were really influential within the religion. You will study a variety of people and try and evaluate why you think they are so important. Was it their actions? Was it what they said? Was it who they helped? It will be up to you to work out what you think the most important reason was!