Year 7 RPE

The Year 7 course is designed to familiarise you with some key aspects of the world religions. You will also start to practice the different thinking skills that are needed in your RE course. Read on to find out about your topics.  

What is today’s date?

This module is an introduction to world religions, their key ideas and how these ideas affect their understanding of the time. Youw ill be considering how symbols work and how dates can be symbolic. You will start to consider what it means to say 2010 AD and then consider why not everyone agrees on that date!

Homework & Assessment Information

To what extent can we prove God exists?

This question which has puzzled hundreds of philosophers and theologians! Once you have learnt about proof, evidence and logic you too will think about this question! You will then get to debate whether you think God does or doesn’t exist.

When can we call a child religious?

As we grow up we celebrate the different stages of life. This could be our first day at school, our 13th birthday when we become a teenager or our 18th birthday or the day we graduate from university. You will study how religion helps follows celebrate these key events and consider how you might celebrate key events in your own life!

Why does religion use art?

Religion has been the patron to some of the most fantastic art in the world, whether held in a beautiful mosque, a stunning basilica or a temple in Tibet. However why does it use a medium which is so easily open to misinterpretation? Why does it use symbolism to engage it’s believers? Should it use this or should it the faith communities ‘souly’ refer to their sacred texts in order to teach the religious doctrines.

What makes a good Muslim?

Islam is the second largest religion in the world. The activities you will get a chance to take part in will help you understand the key principles of Islam. You will study these principles and debate how these ideas could possibly help other people today!

Summer Term Speaking and Listening Assessment

Please click here for the summer term speaking and listening assessment. If you or your child have any questions please do contact their RE teacher

Why is a pilgrimage different to a holiday?

There are thousands of pilgrimage sites around the world ranging from Canterbury Cathedral in England to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to the River Ganges in India. Why do people go there? What do they want to get out of the journey? You will study these ideas and places and working out why a pilgrimage is different to a holiday!