GCSE RE: Short Course

Homework set by Mr. Winter

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Good and Evil | Religion and Science | Religion, Peace and Justice

Good and Evil Topic Task

The impact of Evil

16th Sept 2010

REsearch about the character of Job in the Bible. You will need to think about who he was, what happened to him and how the story could be an account for how to deal with evil? Previous Tasks God on trial

If you need to complete copying the diagram please click the link here

The tasks for putting God on Trial for Negligence

  1. Decide if you are going to defend or prosecute God. Or you may wish to declare the trial redundant… click here for more info if you are.
  2. You are part of the Legal team who is prosecuting/defending God (this will depend on your answer to question 1)
  3. Write the opening statement you would use in the case to convince the Jury of your position.
  4. You will now have 4 witnesses to deal with.
    1. Jesus
    2. A mother who has lost her son in an accident
    3. A 9/11 survivor
    4. The Devil
  5. Write a question which you could ask them all and then record what you think they would say. (If you get really stuck ask them the question of the trial – do you think God was negligent in his care of the Earth?)
  6. You will now have to question God
  7. Write a question which you could ask God and then record what you think God might say in response (If you get really stuck ask Do you think you were negligent in your care of the Earth?)
  8. Considering all of the above, you need to come to a conclusion – is God guilty of negligence? Record your views in your concluding statement.

Religion and Science Topic Task Should we do anything for the planet?

Log on to: Complete the questionnaire and record your result in your book.

Read through the advice they give you on reducing your footprint. Answer the questions:

  • How do they advise you to change your lifestyle?
  • Just how practical is the advice you are given?

Religion, Peace and Justice Topic Task The James Bulger Case

Write a letter to Alan Johnson (current Home Secretary) answering the question:

‘To what extent do you agree the Bulger killers have suffered enough?’

In your homework you need to include:

  • at least 2 other opinions to your own (i.e. The mother, the judge)
  • what purpose they see the punishment as having (i.e. deterrence etc)
  • You must also use the two following quotes
    • ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ (New Testament)
    • ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ (Old Testament)