Year 10 – Short Course GCSE RE

Welcome to the RE GCSE Short Course section! All students have to take this course which includes 5 modules on a range of philosophical and ethical ideas in Christianity. Have a look at the topic lists below to discover what you will be learning about in year 10.

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Good and Evil |Religion and Science |Religion, Peace and Justice |Revision

Homework: Mr. Chester | Miss. Taplin | Mrs. Seekings | Mr. Winter

Good and Evil

You only have to look at the newspapers to know that there is suffering throughout the world. This module gives you the chance to discuss how this evil got here. Did humans create it? Did God create it? You will consider modern day cases of evil and suffering to consider how people can believe in a good God despite all the evil in the world.

You will consider the following topics:

  • How can anyone believe in a good God if there is evil in the world?
  • Who is the Devil?
  • Does the suffering of Jesus offer any consolation?
  • If God created a perfect world how did it get ruined?
  • Did God create a perfect world in the first place?
  • How do we know right from wrong?
  • How can a 2000 year old book offer advice today for those who have suffered?
  • What sources do Christians use to know how to behave?
  • Why do Christians try to be good all the time?

Religion and Science

The debate over how the world got here has raged for centuries. Religion and Science seem to have battled for the claim for the ultimate answer of our origins. This module gives you the opportunity to debate and question whether we came here through the work of God or whether we came here when the fish swam out of the oceans and the apes climbed down from the trees! You will then have to consider where do we go from here? Whether you believe in God or you don’t, everyone now has to engage in the debate over how we treat the planet for the sake of future generations.

You will consider the following topics:

  • What does the Bible say about the origins of the universe?
  • What does science teach us bout the origins of the universe?
  • Who was Charles Darwin and why is he important?
  • How do science and religion compare when considering the origins of humanity?
  • What is a truth statement for science compared with a truth statement for religion?
  • Are we different from animals?
  • How should we treat the planet?
  • Are we given any instructions on how to look after the planet?
  • Is it possible for Christians to say that we don’t need to look after the planet?

Religion, Peace and Justice

The world we live in has not had a complete day of peace for years! There is now even a ‘War on Terror’. In this module you will get a chance to discuss how you respond to this situation by looking at some of the responses we can take from Christianity. You will consider how different groups think about the topics of war and peace. You will also get a chance to discuss your opinions on crime and punishment and whether you think that the justice you see in the world around you is really effective.

You will consider the following topics:

  • Is it possible for a Christian to go to war?
  • Is it acceptable in Christianity to use violence?
  • Should we all follow pacifists and never fight?
  • If someone commits a crime do they give up all their rights?
  • Should we bring back the death penalty?
  • What can we do to look after others in the world around us?
  • What should we do if we are not happy about how we or others are being treated?

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