Why do we have to do GCSE RE?

What skills can we learn? | How can RE help you when you leave school?

Firstly, it is the law that all students in the UK have to study RE until the end of Key Stage 4. Whilst some schools do not make years 10 and 11 do an RE exam, we think you deserve credit for your work so we enter all our students for a GCSE RE Short Course.


What skills can we learn?

RE is a very diverse subject which will help you develop a variety of skills. Have a look at the different things you can learn…


How can RE help you when you leave school?

To get a job or into college you need GCSE’s therefore a GCSE in RE is one step towards the future you want. RE is a great qualification for any job that involves working with people, as RE helps you understand people and why they act in the way they do.


If you get a job in a city where there will be people from different faiths and backgrounds RE will help you understand the people you meet so you can get on in life.


Different Careers RE can help you with:

Air Steward/pilot – you will be travelling the world meeting people of different faiths and cultures. RE will help you get on with the people you meet. It will also help you understand the different customs and laws different countries have.

Army/ Navy/RAF – you will travel the world and need to understand the beliefs of the people you are meeting. Sadly many wars are about religion, RE can help you understand why groups are going to war over religion and territory.

Banking – Sharia banking, the Islamic banking system, is one of the fastest growing in the UK. Learning about the key aims of Islamic life through RE will help anyone wanting to develop in a growing city market!

Business – if you work in the business world you may have to travel the world or work in city where you will meet people from many different faiths, RE will help you understand them and avoid offending people! If you get on with people you can do business and make money!

Footballer – you may play abroad and meet people from different faiths or play with people who have a faith. RE will help you understand the people you meet or understand your new country

Journalist – in today’s world, people face moral and ethical dilemmas. Your RE GCSE will give you a grounding in how different people think and why people react to situations in different ways. An RE GCSE will also show you have good writing and research skills

Lawyer – your clients will come from many different backgrounds. RE will help you understand them. For example why a Roman Catholic may not want a divorce. RE will also help you develop fantastic debating skills and how to justify your ideas!

Social worker- so you can understand all the families and people that you will work with and show empathy with their situation.

Teaching: so that you can understand your pupils who may come from many different backgrounds!