Unit3 Keythemes

AQA Philosophy A2 Level

Key Themes in Philosophy

This part of the course introduces you to the some of the key themes of Philosophy. At Hinchingbrooke you will be studying what it means to talk about Moral Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion.

Moral Philosophy will be looking at ethical theory considering both moral realism and the denial of moral truth. There will also be the consideration of how we should apply these ideas to real life situations.

Philosophy of Religion will be looking at arguments for the existence of God as well as considering the impact of religious belief on believers. There will also be the understanding of faith on a philosophical basis in order understand how and why it can impact on the believer.


The course is divided into 2 sections. Click on one of the links below to take you to the different topics you will be studying. There will also be revision material available at these links.

Each section of the course will require you to use different skills. Click here for an explanation of AO1, AO2 and A03 and how to achieve them

You will need to look at Unit 3 ‘Introduction to Philosophy’. For a break down of the questions, click on the links above.   MORAL PHILOSOPHY Moral Philosophy   Link to Denial of Moral Truth   Link to Glossary Task   MORAL PHILOSOPHY HOMEWORK   PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION           AQA Website     REVISION MATERIALS Moral Philosophy Handout Philosophy of Religion Handout Moral Philosophy Summary Spider diagram Philosophy of Religion Summary Spider diagram Card sort activity PECR for both sides of course Philosophy Bites Podcasts Ethics Bites Podcasts