AQA Philosophy A2 Level

Moral Philosophy

How do people justify their actions? How do we understand truth and the application to morality? If truth is external to the individual how do we respond to it? If truth is internal from the individual how we know what is really true? How should we apply these to moral situation?

This part of the course will look at the concept that moral concepts can be understood as being objective. These moral concepts are external to the individual. We need to take account of how the individual is to then respond to these moral truths.


What types of moral truths are there?

1. Transcendent


  1. No one can see me but I still am not going to steal
  2. Why? Conscience.
  3. Where does this come from? God
  4. 10 commandments – Divine Command theory
  5. Morality independent from God?
  6. How can we check this? Surely you need proof of God in order for this concept of morality to work?
  7. Can you find the number 2 in order to prove that “2+2=4”
  8. Statement was true even before we formed the representation of the number 2
  9. How do we access mathematical truths? Intuition and reasoning.
  10. Model can be applied to moral truths transcendent and objective to us but accessible through reasoning

Divine Command Theory

Evaluation of Divine Command Theory