Religious Education and Philosophy at Hinchingbrooke is provided for all students from Year 7 through to Year 11. The subject aims to provie a critical understanding of the role of religion plays in the world. Whilst there is a focus on Christianity, students will consider all the world’s major religions and also consider the increasing role atheism and humanism play in our society.

The teaching is non-denominational and non-evangelical, allowing students a comfortable enviroment in which to discuss their ideas. We seek to encourage both the students’ understanding of the religions they study as well as learning from religion.

The department incorporates Philosophy teaching into the RE syllabus, encouraging students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skill. We also offer Philosophy as a subject to Year 9 students, as well as an A-Level subject.

The Team

Mr Paul Chester

Teacher of Religious Education and Philosophy (KS 3-5)


All members of the team can be contacted on 01480 375 700