AQA Philosophy A2 Level

Moral Philosophy

How do people justify their actions? How do we understand truth and the application to morality? If truth is external to the individual how do we respond to it? If truth is internal from the individual how we know what is really true? How should we apply these to moral situation?

This part of the course will look at the concept that moral concepts can be understood as being objective. These moral concepts are external to the individual. We need to take account of how the individual is to then respond to these moral truths.


Moral Realism

Denial of Moral Truth

Moral Decisions

  Outline of Moral Philosophy Course

Outline of the key ideas we will be looking at during the course. The language is set out in the language of the specification from the exam board. Make sure you are comfortable with this information as it means that you will be comfortable with the language used in your exam questions!

Key Terms  

Introduction to the key terms we will be using in the course

Is Morality Objective?

This is an overview of the debate as set out by Michael Lacewing (the author of your textbooks!) This is from the Routledge website. It makes for an interesting read!!