Religious Education Year 7 Homework Project

‘The differences between world religious are just as important as the similarities’. Do you agree?


Below you wil find all the information you require for this project. You will also find a copy of the sheet your RE teacher has given you if click on the document on the left hand side.

This project concludes our first module on how to study world religions. The module and this project have looked at some of the different symbols that have been used by religions across the world. In class we have specifically looked at the concept of time and how religions have used dates to express religious ideas.

For this project you will have to find out about other key religious features in 6 different world religions as well as working out what are the significant aspects of the religion.

By the end of the project you should be able to

1) Research and describe some of the key features of 6 major world religions

2) Decide whether differences and similarities are equally import nat in world religions.

Please see below for further information on how to complete your project.

You have to complete 2 tasks

Task A

Copy and complete the table below. You may need to research these using the internet or using books from the school library.

If you wish to add images and put the information into your own format, please do so.

Religion Main prophets or teachers Holy Book Place of Worship A key festival Holy Place Buddhism           Christianity           Hinduism           Islam           Judaism           Sikhism          

Task B

There is a debate going on in the RE office. 3 teachers disagree with what is being said bout world religions. Who do you agree with?

Your task is to write several paragraphs which explain who you agree with and why you agree with them. You should also say why you disagree with the other teachers. For eaxch side of the argument you should aim to give evidence you havefound in Task A to help support your argument.

What does Mr Chester argue? What does Mr Winter argue? What does Miss Edwards argue? Mr. Chester says that world religions are far too different to have any similarities. He says that differences about how people pray, or who they believe in, whether it is Jesus or the Buddha are so different, the religions don’t share anything in common. This means the differences are important because they show how separate the different religions are and helps you identify which religion is which. Mr Winter says that world religions are in fact really similar and in fact way more similar than we would expect. He argued that we don’t need to worry about the differences and that it was the similarities that were more important. Mr. Winter talked about the fact that every religion has a special holy book and that every religion has famous leaders. Mr. Winter argued that this shows that there is truth in religion because there are so many similar ideas. Perhaps, he said, we only need 1 world religion. Miss Edwards argued something slightly different. She said that both were important. She suggested that the similarities were really important because it tells uis something about how religion works and what you need to have ‘a religion’. However, the religions clearly think different things so perhaps the differences are important for showing which religion thinks what.

Extension Work

Initially you should return to your answer for Task B and consider whether you might be able to add in any more detail you might want to use the following points to help you:

  • How might the dates we have studied throughout the term suggest religions are similar or different?
  • Might the fact that religions worship a higher being suggest they are similar?
  • Some religious groups believe their faith is the only way to heaven. Why might that man religions have to be considered as different?

Finding information

There are lots of books in the Learning and Resources Centre on religion, which will help. If you are stuck DO ASK THE LIBRARIANS FOR HELP!!

You should consider internet search engines, such as Goggle, to find extra information. You must take care over the source you are using! Remember that Wikipedia can be updated by anyone!!

These websites may prove useful!

Religious Tolerance

BBC Religions

Woodlands Junior School – helpful for setting information out clearly

Religious Worlds

Which Religion

Government Stats