Eduqas Religious Studies A Level

The study of Philosophy at A Level allows students to engage and develop their analytical and logical powers. What better way to do this than considering and debating some of the greatest unanswered questions!!

Students consider such issues as our understanding of the world around us and how we gain this information, the logic and credibility in discussing ‘God’, why people follow a moral code, the possibility of free will. In essence students will be studying the questions at the heart of philosophy and our existence.

In order to consider these questions students will study the key texts of philosophers in order to evaluate their ideas and the claims they make. This leads to lessons taking the form of lively discussions about the topics under consideration.

At each stage students are encouraged to understand the ideas presented, and then develop their own arguments and come to their own conclusions on the issues raised. A challenging subject, particularly at A2, but very rewarding for those who take to it.

Unsure about whether to choose Philosophy? Have a look at the places a Philosophy A-Level can take you!

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Introduction to Philosophy (1)

Introduction to Philosophy (2)


Key themes in Philosophy

Philosophical Problems

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Study Tasks

You will be following the AQA Philosophy A Level program.

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