Year 8 Autumn Term Assessment: “Public and Private Worship”



This assessment gives you the opportunity to investigate how different groups practice their faith as well as express their religious beliefs. There are 3 tasks within the assessment which give you the opportunity to learn about different faiths, demonstrate an understanding of how belief is expressed and finally a chance to evaluate different religious ideas – a real mental work out! You will be expected to hand in work which shows you have completed all 3 tasks. You are expected to provide something that can be marked by the deadline set by your teacher. This means you must hand in something, whether it is a piece of paper, memory stick, a CD or as some students have done, a link to a website which has all their work on.

At the bottom of the page are links to other websites which can help you complete this task.


Task 1 – Knowledge: Copy and complete the following table:


Building name

What do believers focus on when in the building?

A religious symbol/item found in the building

What is the unique feature of the building?



























Task 2 – Explanation: This follows on from your lesson on what should be built in Cambourne. The options were either to build 1 central community worship centre or to provide a worship space in every home. Your task is to explain which option you would suggest for Cambourne. You should use the letter template provided below and remember to show both sides of the argument.

Click here to download the 3 case studies to help you with this task. You must refer to the ideas expressed in these case studies in your written response.

Dear Mr. T. Planner

I am writing to you to explain my views on what should be built in Cambourne. I personally think that _______ should be built. My 2 main reasons for this are:



I do not think __________ should be built for the following reasons:



In conclusion,

I look forward to hearing your response,




Evaluation – Task 3: This task asks you to consider the information you have gathered in Task 1 and the ideas you have used in Task 2 in order to evaluate worship as a concept. In this task you should provide as much detail as possible. A good answer will have at least 3 paragraphs which look to consider both sides of the argument and then come to a reasoned conclusion.


Your task is to answer: To what extent do you think differences in religious beliefs and practices make it impossible to have a good shared religious worship area?


Hint: You should use evidence to support your argument. Use the evidence you have found out in task 1! A reasoned conclusion will explain why you think one side has a better argument than the other. You should think about how you could use Point Evidence Explain to justify your line of argument.


Help and advice

If stuck don’t forget to contact your RE teacher and ask for help and advice. You can either email them or come and find them at break or lunch time. To email a teacher add their initials to the front of @hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk (Miss. Edwards – SLE, Mrs Seekings – KES, Mr. Chester – PJC, Mr. Winter – PJW)



Re department’s marking criteria – it has advice on how the assessment will be marked

http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/ –  a very useful site for this task

http://www.religiousworlds.com/ – a useful site

NB: Using the internet or books is a great resource for your work. However, put the ideas into your own writing – avoid cut and pasting information without understanding it!