Hinchingbrooke School Gifted and Talented


Physical Education Policy











Our Mission

It is our ambition that all Hinchingbrooke students reach their full potential on their learning journey. They will have developed self-confidence founded in their learning achievements and social skills. Their physical and spiritual well being will give them pride in their success and find their school life a lasting inspiration.



  • Offer further opportunities for those pupils who show a particular excellence within Physical Education and Sport.
  • To work closely within our partners and support those pupils who have significant demands on their time as a result of their high level performance.



Our aims within the PE department are


  • To identify, challenge and support able pupils through the organisation of the curriculum and the extra-curricular opportunities.
  • To encourage and support talent through emphasising the benefits and challenges of being a talented performer.
  • To help pupils set targets to achieve their potential.
  • To identify and support those pupils who have the ability to work above the expected level for their age.





  • Perform exceptionally well at one or in many sports
  • Pupils who demonstrate very good spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination
  • Pupils who demonstrate an excellent understanding of PE terminology.
  • Learn understand and adopt technical aspects of sport very quickly
  • Can make correct decisions in pressure situations and adapt their technique accordingly
  • Able to work independently and with initiative


Strategies for provision


  • Allow pupils to work with outside coaches during some curriculum time.(where possible, dependent on timetable and time etc)
  • To give access to outside clubs and coaches to help develop performers.
  • Provide extension work which is exciting and challenging.
  • Working with Gifted and talented co-ordinator to offer access to conferences and workshops to support development.
  • Through the use of mentoring. (Peer and staff) provide a forum for support and communication.
  • Provide access for communication between home and school through the PE gifted and talented Co-ordinator.





  • Schemes of work include extension material.
  • Curriculum enrichment opportunities are provided.
  • A register of  talented sports people in the school is compiled and up-dated on a regular basis.
  • A lifestyle management programme will be provided for those pupils on the register (JAE Programme).
  • Parents and Guardians are consulted and involved in the implementation of strategies to support their child.
  • External individuals and agencies are involved in the planning and the implementation of these strategies.


Monitoring and Evaluating

   The department will :-

  • identify and monitor talented pupils.
  • check that measures are in place to ensure that all pupils involved in Physical Education are able to reach the highest levels of achievement.
  • have in place a broad, balanced curriculum for talented individuals, as well as for the group as a whole.
  • maintain records of the achievements of the most able pupils year on year
  • be aware of how identified pupils in PE are performing elsewhere within the school.