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Physical Education contributes to the overall education of young people, by fostering learning that leads to success, achievement and provides the opportunity for them to lead full and valuable lives, through engaging in purposeful physical activity. Lessons are structured in line with the National Curriculum for Physical Education, and students at Hinchingbrooke will be taught the knowledge skills and understanding to be successful, whether it be competing, coaching, reporting, managing.

Through a broad and balanced program pupils will be taught to be physically active, developing co-ordination, control and body management. They will be involved in problem-solving, communication with others and team building. Pupils will be encouraged to understand the importance of a healthy life style through participation in and enjoyment of a variety of activities and environments.

Pupils will be taught to be physically active, involving the whole body, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding within physical activities, as well as to understand language relevant to activities. The program will enable pupils to be involved in decision-making and evaluation, to take responsibility for their own learning and to have equal access to independent/team learning opportunities. They will also be encouraged to observe the rules of fair play and good behavior, and also acknowledge strengths and weaknesses and appreciate achievements. As an integral part of the work pupils will be taught to be concerned with their own and others’ safety in all activities undertaken and in all environments, as well as to understand the value of a healthy lifestyle.

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