The Junior Athlete Education (JAE)


What is it?


The Junior Athlete Education is a talent support programme for school sport partnerships to help their talented young sports people manage and balance both school and sports demands.


Key features of JAE at school are


  • Support workshops for talented young athletes.
  • A workshop for their parents
  • A mentor support program from identified staff in the school


JAE workshops cover aspects of lifestyle management, target setting and planning, to give young people skills to balance their schedules of school and support.


How does it work?


Sports colleges and their school sport partnerships are targeted yearly to be trained to implement and deliver JAE.


Schools implementing the programme often work closely with local, regional or national governing bodies of sport (NGB’s), clubs, school sports associations and other organisations or agencies.


To enable young athletes to maximise their sporting and academic potential, JAE encourages schools to work with the pupils, their parents and coaches to reduce conflict between education and sport.



Who is it for?


JAE aims to support talented young sports people on the gifted and talented registers of school sport partnerships.

Key staff in these schools are identified to be trained to deliver the two strands of JAE: workshops delivery and mentoring.

Trained staff can then deliver JAE support workshops to identified talented young sports people in their school sport partnership, or become JAE mentors to further support these talented young sports people.



What are the benefits?



School sports partnerships can benefit from JAE in their schools by:


  • Proper identification of pupils needs
  • Helping to balance commitments in school and sport, by giving pupils lifestyle management, target-setting and planning skills.
  • Networking with parents and coaches to reduce conflict between school and sports demands.
  • Forecasting potential school and sport conflicts before its too late.
  • Informing whole-school policies on provision and support for talented young sports peoples, as well as good identification methods and techniques.
  • Using a similar model of support for all G&T pupils in their schools, showing the impact of the sports specialism
  • Encourage G&T reform to raise standards through the sports specialism.



Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) information sheet

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