Year 10 – Summary of deadlines


By the end of term you must have done the following:


A complete new composition. CHOOSE from Reggae or Experimental Music.


A score or commentary for your piece.


A brief document for your piece.


A recording of your piece.


A coursework level ENSEMBLE performance.


One previous composition (Variations, Minimal, Blues etc) complete.


By the 9th June:


A planned composition with main ideas complete.


The details of your ENSEMBLE performance to Mr Hudson (Email, letter, conversation)


On the 20th and 23rd June:


We will record your ensemble pieces.


On the 11th and 14th July:


We will record your composition.


On the 18th July:


All work to be handed in. This is the last lesson of term.


If you do not keep to these deadlines you will not get the mark you deserve.