Evolving Media: Long Form TV Drama For Last Examination in Summer 2023 Only

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House of Cards? I prefer Borgen – says Turnbull, the man who ...
House of Cards (left) and Borgen (right)

Applying academic ideas to LFTVD

House of Cards - Season 4 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube
Netflix HoC Page
Chapter 1 | House of Cards Wiki | Fandom
House of Cards clip: New Year Party Scene
House Of Cards: 10 Things In The Show That Only Make Sense If You ...
House of Cards clip: Frank meets Zoe

House of Cards and audiences

How House of Cards changed content marketing

Why is HoC Groundbreaking TV?

HoC and Intertextuality (see pages 12-13)

Borgen season 4 confirmed as Netflix revives series - Radio Times
Borgen BBC4 Pages
Season 1 Episode 2 - Borgen | SBS On Demand
Borgen clip: Birgitte’s Speech

An academic article on Borgen and its appeal to UK audiences

A manual for writing a Danish TV series

Netflix plans to revive Borgen

Bedenkers 'House of Cards' en 'Borgen' maken nieuwe reeks | TV ...

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