Y8 Language Beatz

Language Beatz

The aim of the Language Beatz project is to write, compose and perform a song in a foreign language using common vocabulary from your language lessons.

Day 1:  Your teachers will help you to understand what makes a good song and you will aim to have chosen a backing track and written your lyrics (or most of them!) by the end of day 1.

Day 2 will be focused around the melody and recording of the song.  Once you have all recorded them, the best four (selected by other students in the school) will be entered into the Regional Competition where ALL competitors (not just those whose songs have been entered) will go to Cambridge for the big sing off!!

Good Luck!


Backing Tracks:

Comedy 1

 counting or chanting track

  country jig 1

dog track



pop melody 1

repetetive melody

repetetive melody 2a

rock and roll

  simple fun tune 1

  simple fun tune 2

  simple fun tune 3

  simple fun tune 4

very catchy tune1

  very catchy tune 2