Applied GCE ICT

The Edexcel GCE in Applied ICT is a ‘must-have’ for every post-sixteen student. Highly motivating, it develops the knowledge and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users and practitioners.

Year 12

Unit 3 Scenario Jan 2009

Practise Spreadsheet  Ledger

 Recipes  Survey Statistics

AS GCE – Single Award
End-user focus:

Unit 1 (AS) The Information Age (portfolio)
Unit 2 (AS) The Digital Economy (portfolio)
Unit 3 (AS) The Knowledge Worker (practical assessment)

Year 13

Unit 10 Multimedia Systems



Example Function Specification

Exemplar Project

Unit 7 Database Systems

Unit 7 Scenario Jan 2009

Vatmixes  Store Orders

Advanced GCE Single Award Includes Unit 1, 2 & 3 Plus:
End-user focus:
Unit 7 (A2) Using Database Software (practical assessment)
Unit 8 (A2) Managing ICT Projects (portfolio)

Plus one of:
Unit 10 (A2) Using Multimedia Software (portfolio)
Unit 11 (A2) Using Spreadsheet Software (portfolio)
Unit 12 (A2) Customising Applications (portfolio)

Unit 7 Database Systems Revision Sheets

Reports Queries and Validation

Validation Update Queries Macros Label Reports Aggregate Functions