Year 7 and 8 History

History is taught in 4 one hour periods over a two week time table in years seven and eight. Each year is broken down into several period studies that are then broken down into more distinct units with an overall theme and skill focus. Lessons are led by clear enquiry questions designed to stretch pupil understanding of the past and to develop their historical skills. We aim to have a real focus on developing not only the student’s Historical skills but also those of literacy and numeracy where appropriate.

Year 7 and 8 provides the foundation for students’ subsequent study of History.  We seek to make History one of the most dynamic subjects at Hinchingbrooke by utilising a variety of teaching and learning styles that excite, challenge and engage students. Our History bake off and Castle design competitions are particularly populer!

At the end of Year 8 pupils then have the option to continue their learning through choosing to opt to study to History GCSE options.

Curriculum Support

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