Year 7 and 8 history


History Year 7 and Year 8

History is taught in 4 one hour periods over a two week time table in years seven and eight Each year is broken down into several period studies that are then broken down into more distinct units with an overall theme and skill focus. Lessons are led by clear enquiry questions designed to stretch pupil understanding of the past and to develop their historical skills. We aim to have a real focus on developing not only the student’s Historical skills but also those of literacy and numeracy where appropriate.

Year 7 and 8 provides the foundation for students’ subsequent study of History.  We seek to make History one of the most dynamic subjects at Hinchingbrooke by utilising a variety of teaching and learning styles that excite, challenge and engage students.

At the end of Year 8 pupils then have the option to continue their learning through choosing to opt for 1 of 2 amazing History GCSE options.

History Year 7 Outline



Autumn 1

How successful was William’s invasion?

Autumn 1 and 2

Was life in the Medieval village the same for everyone?

Autumn 2

How should the wars of the Roses be presented?

Spring 1

How well did Tudor monarchs rule England?

Spring 2

English Civil War to Glorious Revolution

Summer 1/2

Did the creation of modern Britain create a “great” nation for all?

History Year 7 Useful Links – HW and Year 7 Exam Revision

In Years 7 and 8 students are set a History Project as part of a whole-school timetable of fortnightly homework tasks. Students will complete three projects in History each year.




Autumn 1


Castles Homework Project

Castles homework project – Differentiated

Autumn 2

Richard III

Richard III Homework Project 2015

Richard III homework differentiated

Spring 1     Spring 2

Summer 1

Year 7 Exam Revision Revision Sheet YEAR 7 ARD DAY ACTIVITY

ARD 1 24/11/17 Year 7 Wars of the Roses Research Tasks

Task A (Higher) – Research and make your own time of the main events of the Wars of the Roses briefly explaining the importance of each event.

Task B (Middle) – Research the Battle of Bosworth. Write a newspaper article describing the battle and explaining who won.

Task C (Lower) – Research and create a fact file about the Wars of the Roses (Who? When? Where? What? Why?)

Websites to help

Blank Newspaper Template link

newspaper frame

ARD 2 The Great Fire of London 1666 Research Tasks

Task A (Higher) – Research and present an evaluation of the Great Fire of London explaining its positive as well as negative cnsequences. You might like to to do this as a power point presentation, videod news report or to write it up in the style of a newspaper article.

Task B (Middle) – Research the Great Fire of London. Produce a power point prestation, news report or newspaper article describing the main events and impacts of the fire.

Task C (Lower) – Research the Great Fire of London. Create a fact file about it (Who? When? Where? What? Why?). You could also select/make a suitable picture to represent what happened during the fire to go with this.

Below are some websites to get you started but there are many others!

Blank Newspaper Template link

newspaper frame

History Year 8 Outline



Autumn 1

Empire and the Zulu Wars (Interpretations of Rorke’s Drift)

Autumn 2

Why did the First World War break out in 1914? The events of the First World War.

Spring 1

Liberty Bell (Civil Rights in the USA 1789-1970)

Spring 2

Womens Rights in the Twentieth Century

Summer 1

The Era of the Second World War

Summer 2

The Holocaust

    Year 8 Exam Revision

The following sheet can be used to support revision for the Year 8 Exam. Pupils will need to be able to expain how a variety of afctors led to WWI.

Causes of WWI Revision sheet


ARD 1 24/11/ 17 Year 8 Trench Letter

Your task is to research what a soldier’s life was like in WWI. Think about their training, food, clothes, shelter, trench conditions, the fighting and the dangers/problems they faced. Next pretend you are a soldier in WWI and write a letter home from the frontline explaining what life is like.

Websites to help

Support sheet link

Conditions Record Sheet

ARD 2 Year 8 Women and the Vote Research Activity

Pupils have been studying how women gained the vote. The follwoing allow them to delve a little deeper into this.

Activity 1 Was the death of Emily Davison a just a Tragic Accident? Emily Davison died as part of these protests. Pupils can use the following power point to investigate her death and write up a conclusion about how she died. The powerpoint contains various sources, writing prompts and challenges for students to use to help them.

Was Emily Davisons death just a tragic accident source evaluation exercise

Activity 2. Pupils could research how an individual or organisation helped women gain the vote. I have suggested the following well known individuals but pupils can choose anyone or any group they want!

– Emmeline Pankhurst

– Milicent Fawcett

– Emily Davison

The following website has plenty of information to help…