Year 13 History

A-Level History (AQA)

History at A-level is one of the most popular subjects in the school.  Students are offered an opportunity to study either the European course or the World course, both of which are very successful. History is one of the most highly valued A-Level subjects by universities.  Many of our students go on to study History at university, while those who do not often find their study of History aids them in their own subject, whether arts or sciences.

In Year 13 pupils from both courses study Russia for a Non Examined Assessment of 3500 words. There is also the opportunity to join us on a trip to Russia in February half term. They also complete their paper 1 and 2 courses begun in Year 12. Please visit out Year 12 page for full details of our two courses and a range of support materials. 

Below you will Find support for the NEA and following on after that you find a range of review materials for papers 1 and 2.

NEA Support Materials

NEA Documents

NEA handbook Russia 2019

Folder Tracker Russia

What makes a good answer


Research and Planning Methods

The art of the footnote

NEA Advice

NEA Summer Work 2019

The following 5 tasks should be completed before you return in Year 13 to get your NEA research off to a great start. Each document has clear instructions about what you need to do.

1. Alexander II Summer Review Task

2. Alexander II Summer Source Task

3. NEA Timeline and Overview Tasks

4. NEA Timeline follow up Task

5. NEA History Podcast summer Task

Russia NEA Reading Materials and Podcasts


How_Much_Land_Does_A_Man_Need – Leo_Tolstoy

Alexander II

Overview at

Tsar Alexander II – Liberator or Traditionalist

Alexander II An Alternative View

Alexander II and III Textbook Sample.

Alexander III – Intro/The Reaction – Security/Repression – Education Reaction – Local Politics Reaction

Nicholas II

Stolypin the Tsars Last Hope

Superannuated Form of Government

Provisional Government and the 1917 Revolutions

Provisional Government Overview and Questions

Access-to-History textbook sample covering the 1917 Revolutions


Leninism v Stalinism

Pravda Stalins Russia

Politics and the Purges

The party that ate itself

Purges Guided Reading for SHP Grey and Red Text

The Improbable Victory Russia and WWII

WWII guided Reading for Yellow Years if Change Text

Stalin the Myth links on youtube (watchs parts 1-5)


Russia NEA Coursework Podcasts

This section is for Year 13 students working on their Russia Coursework. The following are eminent Historians giving lectures given at teacher conferences and have been kindly recorded for our use through our links with the Princes Teaching Institute. Where they have provided supporting documents and powerpoints these are underneath.

Prof Christopher Read – Continuity and Change in Russian History since 1861

Prof Christopher Read Continuity and Change in Russian History

Professor Christopher Read – What was special about the Russian Intelligentsia before 1914

Professor Chris Read – What is special about the Russian Intelligentsia

Dr Jane McDermid – The Provisional Government

Prof Christopher Read- The October Revolution and the Role of the Bolsheviks

Professor Peter Waldron – Reform reaction and revolution in Russia 1855-1917

Professor Peter Waldron – Reform and Revolution in Russia

Professor Peter Waldron Diary entries by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra

Dr James Harris Stalins Rise to Power

Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism after 1945

Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism Gulag 1951

Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism Penza 1945

Professor Jane McDermid – Women Revolutionaries

The History Department has put together two podcasts of their own on Repression and Agriculture in Russia which will help you pick your way through the minefield of Russian historiography.


The Use of Terror in Stalinist and Tsarist Russia

What influenced Tsarist and Soviet approaches to Agriculture?

Paper 1 and 2 Review Materials


Unit 1 PLC USA

Unit 2 English Revolution PLC

Unit 1 Tudor PLC

Unit 2 Germany PLC

Challenge Quizzes

USA – challenge quiz

English Revolution – MEGA QUIZ

Tudors – Term Quiz

Germany Quiz

PS Guides and Revision


PS Guide for USA

USA Revision and essay questions

USA Extract Questions (PDFs from Zip)

USA Revision The Gilded Age and Progressive era

USA Foreign policy to 1920 revision.

USA Revision The New Deal

USA Presidents Overview Booklet

English Revolution

PS Guide for English Revolution

English Revolution Thorough Chronology

The Tudors

Tudor A-Level Study PS Guide

Tudor A-Level Revision Study Guide

Germany 1918-1945

PS Guide for Germany

MR LEIGH’s Webcasts – These talk through the marking of exam questions and the planning of exam questions…


You may also find useful revision materials at the website below (Thanks to Ms Hart’s School for these).