A-Level History

The Courses

History at A-level is one of the most popular subjects in the school.  Students are offered an opportunity to study either the European course or the World course, both of which are very successful.  In the European course, you will study 19th Century British, 20th Century German and 19th and 20th Century Russian History over the two years.  In the World course the focus is on 17th Century England and American Civil Rights and Foreign policy in Korea and Vietnam in the 20th Century. See the World Course and European Course pages.

University Applications

History is one of the most highly valued A-Level subjects by universities. It is recognised by Cambridge University as one of six all-round academic subjects most suited to those applying for study. The skills it provides, in terms of being able to take in large amounts of information and writing coherent and cogent analytical essays are highly transferable.  Many of our students go on to study History at university, while those who do not often find their study of History aids them in their own subject, whether arts or sciences.

More information

You can find out more about the European and World A-Level History courses by following these links. You can also see what past students have said, and read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are unsure about what the differences are between the European and WOrld courses then you can talk to your history teacher, or contact Mr Fullard if you are not currently a Hinchingbrooke History student.

If you’re interested in history more generally, and especially if you intend to study it at university, then you should go along to the Cambridge History Forum Conference.

Russia Coursework Podcasts

This section is for Year 13 students working on their Russia Coursework. The History Department has put together two podcasts on Repression and Agriculture in Russia which will help you pick your way through the minefield of Russian historiography.



The Use of Terror in Stalinist and Tsarist Russia

What influenced Tsarist and Soviet approaches to Agriculture?