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Class What we are doing this week? What did we do last week?


We will continue our examination of the Middle Ages through a study of the Black Death. We will consider what the causes of the disease were along with what people at the time THOUGHT was causing the illness and what this can tell us about their medical knowledge. At the end of last half term, we examined the impact of the collapse of the Roman Empire. We then set about producing Vademacums and used these to discuss progress in medicine by the Middle Ages.


We will be continuing to examine examples of bitterness from Ireland’s past, looking at the potato famine and it’s link with 9/11. We will also be looking at Home Rule. We began the Northern Ireland coursework last half-term, focussing on examples from Ireland’s early history that demonstrate both the possibility and the unlikelihood of peace ever being successful.


We discussed the Diane Purkiss article in depth on Monday. We will then be examining individual case studies involving Matthew Hopkins. Your presentations gave us an overview of the three schools of thought regarding 17th century witchcraft. We then began looking at an article by Diane Purkiss that presents some of the problems with the study of witchcraft as a historical topic.


We discussed the nature of POWER and AUTHORITY today. As we are now moving on to examine the causes of the civil war, it would be advisable to take on some extra reading in order to be able to bring more ideas to lesson discussions.

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You prepared and delivered presentations on Charles I. We then reflected on early signs of tension between the Crown and Parliament. 13b

Make sure you listen to the podcast on Terror recorded by Mr. Fullard, Miss Dacey and Mr Fordham this week. This will help you to prepare your essay – To what extent did political control vary across the Tsarist and Soviet periods?

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Following on from reading the introduction to Anne Applebaum’s Gulag, we discussed the nature of Terror under Stalin’s rule. We then began to compare the use of terror under both Tsarist and Soviet regimes.