Frequently asked questions


Q: Is it fair?


A: The Register is as fair as we can make it.  Any student can be nominated and any talent will be considered.  It is,  however, easier to identify Gifted students in school, which is why we depend on students and parents to make us aware  of any talent shown outside school, by completing and submitting a nomination form (found on the school website).


Q: Has it been discussed with the students?


A: All students were made aware of the Gifted and Talented register – its purpose and means of identification – in  assemblies last year.  There are regular meetings (Learning Councils) to which all students on the Gifted register are  invited.  WIth the new Sports Specialist Status, we are looking into the potential for more formalised meetings for  Talented students (This has proved more difficult because they have a more diverse range of interests and abilities).


Q: Do the teachers know about G&T?


A: Teachers at Hinchingbrooke are all aware of Gifted and Talented provision at Hinchingbrooke.  We see it as a whole  school responsibility as we are all teachers of Gifted and Talented students.


Q: How can I be certain my child is on the register?


A: You will be notified in your child’s report.  If you are in any doubt, contact me either at mch@hinchingbrooke.cambs.sch.uk or by  phoning 01480 375700 ext. 5789.

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