Development and Population

Key questions

  1. Why are countries at different levels of development?
  2. How can countries improve their level of development?
  3. Where and why is the world’s population growing?
  4. What are the impacts of population growth?
  5. How can population growth be addressed?

Unit Outline


Learning objective

  1. To exemplify the differences in global (economic) development
  2. To compare how the quality of life varies around the world.
  3. To explain the reasons for countries’ varying levels of wealth
  4. To know that children around the world have very different lives?  To suggest how children’s lives could be improved in poorer parts of the world
  5. To explain how aid and Fairtrade can help LEDCs develop
  6. To describe global population growth and its variance around the world
  7. To explain why global population is growing
  8. To define overpopulation, describe its impacts and suggest strategies for its management
  9. To evaluate China’s One Child Policy


For general revision guidance click here.

BBC Bitesize – Development

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China’s One Child Policy – facts and details

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Migration – push and pull factors

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Challenge yourself

How would you solve the global unequalness?

Try to develop a plan to eradicate differences between LEDCs and MEDCs.

How should countries manage their populations?

How could a country deal with:

 – an ageing population?

 – a youthful population?

 – overpopulation?

 – underpopulation?