Global Issues

Key questions

  1. What global issues are affecting my life now and in the future?

Unit Outline


Learning objective


  1. To describe the relationship between wages and cost of living
  2. To explain the reasons for the credit crunch
  3. To suggest reasons why fuel prices are rising
  4. To evaluate the impacts of where our food comes from
  5. To explain the impact of migration on the UK job market Should Britain leave the EU to solve our unemployment problems?
  6. To define globalisation and explain its impact on our lives
  7. To explain the factors affecting carbon footprints
  8. To suggest solutions for global climate change
  9. To design an eco-friendly house
  10. To design an eco-friendly house

Want to know more?

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Energy Saving Trust – website

Challenge yourself

Design an sustainable eco-town. Think about where you would build it, the range of housing, services, transport etc. You need to think about social, economic and environmental sustainability. What environmentally friendly features would the buildings have? How would you protect the natural environment in the area? What type of people would you ask to move to your eco-town? How would the town be powered?