Managing Energy

Key questions

  1. What types of energy are there?
  2. How much energy do we use?
  3. What problems can energy use cause?
  4. How can we manage our energy needs for the future?

Unit Outline


Learning objective

  1. To classify different types of energy
  2. To describe how energy consumptions varies around the world.  To create a personal living energy graph
  3. To calculate a carbon footprint and to explain the reasons for the carbon footprint
  4. To explain the reasons behind the disparities in global energy consumption
  5. To explain the causes and consequences of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  6. To present Gulf of Mexico oil spill news reports
  7. To describe the causes of acid rain, its problems and to suggest solutions
  8. To explain the causes of global warming and classify its impacts
  9. To identify and justify the biggest problem caused by energy consumption
  10. Assessment
  11. To propose a solution for the global energy crisis
  12. To debate the potential solutions for the global energy crisis
  13. Test

Revision Help

Revision list

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Types of energy

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Acid rain

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Challenge yourself

Design an eco-friendly village. Consider both the individual aspects that a house might have as well as community-wide features. Also, try to think beyond energy provision, how else might buildings/villages be more eco-friendly?

The following websites might provide some inspiration!

St Ives Greenhouse Project

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