Key questions

  1. What is Japan like in terms of its cities, regions, climate?
  2. How do natural disasters affect Japan?
  3. How has Japan become so wealthy?

Unit Outline


Learning objective

  1. To locate the key geography features of Japan
  2. To compare and contrast the different regions of Japan
  3. To compare and contrast the different regions of Japan
  4. To interpret climate graphs and apply knowledge to explain why Japan can host both the Summer and Winter Olympics
  5. To describe the characteristics of Tokyo and explain how people have adapted to living in densely populated areas
  6. Assessment
  7. To use decision-making skills to decide how to react to a tsunami
  8. To define different types of industry and describe the changing nature of Japan’s industry
  9. To explain the reasons for Japan’s economic recovery and growth
  10. To define an ageing population and to explain problems and solutions for Japan
  11. To examine the territorial conflict between Japan and China

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Challenge yourself

Is Japan a global leader?

Think about Japan’s influence in the world, how much does it have? Do you think this will continue into the future? Why do you think this? Consider the different types of areas it could influence as well: industry, the economy, people’s individual lives.