City in an LIDC/EDC: What are the ways of life of the city?

Explore the ways of life in the city, such as culture, ethnicity, housing, leisure and consumption

Housing and buildings

About two thirds of the population live in slums, e.g. Makoko.  Wealthier people can afford house, some are old colonial houses, others are modern, often in gated communities , e.g. Banana Island.  In the city centre there are skyscrapers and high rise flats.

Makoko                                                                                     Banana Island

Makoko the Venice of Africa | My Guide Nigeria Banana Island Properties - Home | Facebook

Entertainment and leisure

The film industry is big in Lagos, with films being known as ‘Nollywood’.   Afrobeat and Afro hip-hop are thriving musical styles.  Street parties and festivals, e.g. Badagry Festival are popular.

Badagry festival showcases culture, beckons diaspora Africa | The Guardian  Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsGuardian Arts — The Guardian Nigeria  News – Nigeria and World News

Although ‘western’ influence (fashion and food) are becoming more common, traditional clothing, street vendors and markets are still the most popular.


As the population rises, so does the demand for resources, Lagos is responsible for half the increase in Nigeria’s energy consumption.  As more people become wealthier, there is more demand for consumer goods, so use more resources.