City in an LIDC/EDC: Where is the city and what is its importance to its region, country, and the wider world?

The city’s location and importance within its region, the country, and the wider world

Location of Lagos
Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria.  It is located on the south coast.

Lagos State - Wikipedia

It is situated on the coast and the western shore of Lagos Lagoon.

Why the name: Lagos? – African Heritage

It has a population of about 24 million, most of which are very poor, although there are a few very wealthy people.  Nigeria is an LIDC, although has the biggest economy in Africa.

Importance of Lagos

The city was under British rule during colonial times and was an important centre for trade. Until 1991 is was Nigeria’s capital city and remains the most important financial centre in Africa.  It has an international port and airport, making it an important centre for regional and global trade.  It contains 80% of Nigeria’s industry and many global companies have offices there.

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