City in an AC: How is one initiative making the city more sustainable?

For each city investigate one initiative to make it more sustainable, such as use of brownfield sites, waste recycling and transport improvements.

Making London sustainable

Sustainable means ‘meeting today’s needs without negatively affecting future generations.  One of London’ biggest challenges is meeting the demand for transport.  The Mayor’s Transport Strategy is an initiative to improve transport with an aim to reduce both congestion and air pollution.

Crossrail – This is a new railway line (the Elizabeth Line) going west-east.  This will increase passenger capacity by 10%.

Underground –  More trains with more carriages will be run every hour and making parts of the system run 24 hours.

Cycle superhighway – Making more roads ‘cycle only’.  Hire bikes are available at self-service machines.

London Cycling Campaign

Congestion charge – Drivers going into the city centre have to pay a charge of £15 a day.  This discourages people from driving in the centre, reducing congestion and air pollution.

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