UK in the 21st Century

A diverse range of cultures, identities and economies make up the patchwork of the UK. This topic poses questions about the changing nature of people’s lives and work in the UK in the 21st century. It asks learners to consider some of the drivers for this change. As new economic superpowers emerge, questions have been posed about the global significance of the UK. This will be investigated through a study of the UK’s political and cultural connections with the rest of the world.

7.1 How is the UK changing in the 21st century?

a. What does the UK look like in the 21st century?

b. How is the UK’s population changing?

c. How is the UK’s economy changing?

7.2 Is the UK losing its global significance?

a. What is the UK’s political role in the world?

b. How is the UK’s cultural infuence changing?