Resource Reliance

Supplies of food, energy and water are three of the most challenging issues the world faces. Significant numbers of people are resource poor, whilst others consume more than their fair share. This topic investigates emerging patterns, where demand is outstripping supply, before taking the issue of food security and considering the question ‘can we feed nine billion people?’ Learners will investigate what it means to be food secure, how countries try to achieve this and reflect upon the sustainability of strategies to increase food security.

8.1 Will we run out of natural resources?

a. How has our increasing demand for resources affected the planet?

8.2 Can we feed nine billion people by 2050?

b. What does it mean to be food secure?

b. How can countries ensure their food security?

Case study of attempts to achieve food security in one country (UK) to include:

c. How sustainable are these strategies?

Explore the environmental, economic and social sustainability of attempts to achieve food security, in relation to: