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Key questions

  1. What is Brazil like in terms of its cities, regions, climate?
  2. What is it like to live in a favela ?
  3. How have flora and fauna adapted to the climate of Brazil?
  4. How have sport and tourism benefitted Brazil?

Unit Outline


Learning objective

  1. To locate the key geography features of Brazil
  2. To compare and contrast the climate of different regions of Brazil
  3. To describe different living conditions in Brazil
  4. To describe what life is like in the favelas of Rio and evaluate attempts to improve them
  5. Assessment
  6. Assessment feedback
  7. To describe the Amazon Rainforest
  8. To investigate different species of plants and animals in the Amazon.
  9. To evaluate the success of the Rio Olympic Games by considering various different viewpoints.
  10. To explore the impact of tourism in Brazil.
  11. Assessment
  12. Assessment feedback

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Challenge yourself

Is Brazil an emerging developing country?

Think about Brazil’s place in the world. What is the standard of living like? How is their economy changing? Do you think this will continue into the future?