GCSE Geography Revision

GCSE case studies powerpoint

The GCSE consists of six units, follow the links for revision pages:

  1. Physical Geography

2.  Human Geography

Podcasts – below are podcasts for each of the case studies you need to know.

Physical Geography Restless Earth Water on the Land Living World

The Alps – Fold Mountains

Montserrat – Volcanic Eruption

Northridge – MEDC Earthquake

Sichuan – LEDC Earthquake

Indian Ocean Tsunami

Boscastle – MEDC Flooding

Bangladesh – LEDC Flooding

Grafham Water – Reservoir

Epping Forest – temperate deciduous forest

Malaysia – tropical rainforest

Australian Outback – MEDC hot desert

Sahara Desert – LEDC hot desert

Human Geography Population Change Tourism Development Gap

China’s One Child Policy

Kerala – non birth-control policy

France – ageing population

Poland to the UK – migration within    the EU

Afghans to the UK – migration into the EU

Blackpool – UK coastal resort

Kenya – mass tourism

Antarctica – extreme tourism

Ecuador – ecotourism

Haiti earthquake – natural hazard affecting development

WaterAid in Mali – development project

Cahora Bassin Dam, Mozambique – development project

Bulgaria & Germany – contrasting levels of development in the EU

Practise Papers

Practising past questions is a great way to revise. All the past papers and markschemes can be found on the AQA website.

Reading OS maps

For all units you must be able to read and interpret an OS map. The following documents will help: