Living World

In this unit students learn about different ecosystems, where they are found and what they’re like, and how they’re used and managed. There are six key ideas in this unit.

An ecosystem is made up of plants and animals and the physical factors affecting them (climate and soil). These different parts interrelate and depend upon each other. There is a balance between the different parts.

Different ecosystems are found in different parts of the world due to the influence of climate and soils. The vegetation adapts to the cliate and soils and is in harmony with it.

Temperate deciduous woodlands are used for a variety of reasons. They provide examples of successful, sustainable management.

Tropical rainforest is removed for a range of reasons. This has economic, social, political and environmental repercussions.

Tropical rainforest need to be managed sustainably. International co-operation is needed.

Hot deserts provide opportunities for economic development.