Dynamic Development

We live in an unequal world, where the gap between prosperity and poverty is widening. This topic asks learners to consider the changing nature and distribution of countries along the development spectrum before examining the complex causes of uneven development. The future for LIDCs is uncertain and will be investigated through an in-depth study of one country, considering its development journey so far, how its global connections may influence the future and possible alternative development strategies.

6.1 Why are some countries richer than others?

a. What is development and how can it be measured?

b. What has led to uneven development?

6.2 Are LIDCs likely to stay poor?

This enquiry question is studied through one case study of an LIDC to answer sub-questions a, b and c.

a. How has an LIDC developed so far?

b. What global connections influence its development?

c. What development strategy is most appropriate?