What is the distribution of UK landscapes?

The UK’s natural landscape can be split into upland, lowland and glaciated landscapes.

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  • Upland areas are mostly found in the north and west of the UK. A mountain is often defined as being an area of land that rises considerably above the surrounding land, with 600m (2000 feet) sometimes used as the height that seperates mountains from hills. Examples include the Grampian mountains in Scotland and the Cumbrian mountains in the Lake District.
  • Lowland areas are mostly found in the south and east of the UK. Lowland areas are close to sea level and lie below around 200m. An example is the Fens in East Anglia.
  • During the last glacial period, ice covered parts of the UK as shown by the map below. Glaciated landscapes tend to be found in upland areas in the north and west of the UK.