AS Geography

On this page are revision materials to help you revise for the two AS exams.  Guidance on revision techniques can be found here.

Exam questions and past papers

Past papers can be found via the OCR website. Remember, you will answer two section A questions and one section B question for each paper. If you complete a section A question for a certain unit you cannot complete a section B question on the same unit.

Managing physical environments

  • River environments (section A/section B)

Rivers Revision PowerPoint 1

Rivers Revision PowerPoint 2

Rivers Revision PowerPoint 3

Oxford Flooding Information

River Tees Information

  • Coastal environments (section A/section B)

Coasts Revision PowerPoint 1

Coasts Revision PowerPoint 2

Coasts Revision PowerPoint 3

  • Cold environments (must do section A)

Cold environments features flash cards

Managing human environments

  • Managing urban change (must do section A)

Urban Revision PowerPoint

Urban key terms

  • Managin tourism (section A/section B)

Energy and tourism key words

Energy and tourism case studies

The energy issue (section A/section B)

Energy PowerPoint

Energy mix example questions